Our Team

Founded in 1968, we serve a growing clientèle including independent school districts, municipalities, higher education districts and other government agencies, many of who return to us for new projects year after year.

At Gallagher, we are proud of our hard-earned extensive reputation for responsiveness, objectivity and effectiveness. And we’re proud to say that we’re a family-owned and operated business with a long list of satisfied customers.

Objectives & Mission

We don’t overestimate. We don’t under deliver. At Gallagher, we guarantee that your project will be completed successfully, within budget, and on schedule. All cost savings will be returned to you.

Gallagher represents you and only you, from project inception through the warranty period. You can rely on day-to-day, on-site management by company principals, proactive communication and reporting, and our long-standing reputation for honesty and integrity with all of our vendors, which is second to none.

Philosophy & Approach

Gallagher pioneered Construction Management in Texas, and we currently manage the construction of many of the state’s highest quality schools and public facilities. But our primary objectives are to first listen to what our customers want, and then exceed their expectations.
The Gallagher methodology eliminates the problems that traditionally dominate construction projects. Our fee for services is a lump sum fixed amount based on the project schedule, budget and scope.

In fact, the earlier you can involve Gallagher, the better. When contracted before or during the Design Development phase, Gallagher can help you realize substantial savings through material evaluation, estimating, constructability review phases and on-site management.

To meet your specific needs, we offer the following services:
  • Construction Management
  • Program Management
  • Pre-referendum Planning
  • Coordinate Bond Elections
  • Conduct Town Hall Meetings
  • Facility and Site Evaluation
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Cost Estimating and Analysis
  • Conceptual, Design, Development and Final Line Item Budgeting Prior to  Construction
  • Project Scheduling and   Tracking
  • Post-referendum Planning
  • Pre-construction Services
  • Construction Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Warranty Coordination