Brock ISD Primary School

Brock, TX

Project Details

Completed in 2017.

Architect: WRA

“Gallagher has been great to work with. They were there for us before our bond passed and after they completed our new school. You can tell they care about us and our community.”

Mike McSwain, Chief Financial Officer
Brock ISD

Fixing Overcrowding and Congestion

Brock ISD is a growing school district west of Weatherford, TX. Vehicular traffic and enrollment at grades K-5 experienced the most congestion and overcrowding when planning started.

Brock ISD, the Facility Committee and the professional team (Gallagher, Financial Advisor and Architect) found that a new Primary School was necessary to accommodate growth.

The Phased Growth Plan

In order to address the immediate need for a Primary School while planning for future students, the team agreed a “phased” growth plan was necessary.

The new building was designed so that the core areas, Administration, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Library, classrooms and infrastructure could accommodate 750 students. However, in the first phase, we built all of the core areas, but just enough classroom space to accommodate 450 students. This plan would allow the pre-designed classroom space to be built in the future.

Future Planning

Brock ISD is currently planning future expansions to accommodate the continuous growth. Gallagher is honored and proud to be a part of this great community.

For more information about the bond election, budget, and execution of this plan please refer to the complete Brock ISD Primary School Case Study available as a PDF download below.

Download the Case Study